Bullet the Blue Sky

11 images Created 7 Nov 2022

Bullet the Blue Sky - This body of work is a branching off of my larger fabric cyanotype series exploring immigration and assimilation, the series, Bullet the Blue Sky explores my cultural heritage as an Italian-American, and its progression through initial cultural rejection to assimilation of "white" cultural tendencies, and then an appropriation of ill-fitting patriotism. The use of the American Flag as symbolism in its distressed form (upside down) in each piece, I incorporate various symbols ranging from cultural symbols of Italian-Americanism to cultural oppression of those with a uterus to symbols of patriotism/service often used to justify violence and weapons. Each piece independently expresses a struggle with patriotism as a whole, but mostly an expression of disbelief of the hypocrisies within my surrounding and upbringing in the US.
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