Third Facet of Happiness

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I admire provincial lifestyles. They feel community-centric. They seem to need a lot less than metropolitan cities. But most of all, the lives of individuals seem to not be complicated with traveling for long distances everyday and dealing with crowded public transportation or hot asphalt playgrounds or aggravated locals for the aforementioned reasons. They seem to not have to make an astronomical wage or work long and hard hours to afford an efficiency apartment. But rather have a good amount of space to move around from bedroom to kitchen to living room. To have a parking space, and a grill.

I desire that so much. To feel like the money I work hard to earn is enough for simple comfort. But it’s not. So I dream of a simple life. One not too far, distance-wise, from my own. I conspire with myself of how I could pull it off and keep working on what I love, photography. I spend weeks in places that I believe would bring great joy if I were to move there. But then I realize, my happiness lies in multiple facets of life.
One facet would be where I reside. My dwelling. What the space is and where it is located. I’ll say it, it’s by the beach, in a small community known as Ocean City, NJ. Even better, a smaller community, Strathmere, NJ where the population can be counted within the time it takes to crack a beer. That’s where I want to live.
Another facet to my happiness is my family and friends. Where are the majority? Within 60 minutes of my above happiness facet and within 90-180 minutes of my below happiness facet. They all live around Philadelphia, PA. Here I find great happiness in holidays, birthday parties, weekend town festivals, and last minute porch gatherings. I love my Mom, my brother and sister and my extended family so much. I really feel such satisfaction seeing them often. Witnessing life together.
And finally, the facet that dictates the rest, I get great satisfaction and intellectual stimulation from my career. It’s not a job, it’s a career. What do I mean by that? I mean that, my financial support comes from my choice to work in a place where I can use my most prized skill, photography. I get to do it, day in, day out. Further, I am so lucky that i now work on a creative team where we are asked to dream up ways to engage the world with our institution through audio and visual based features. When I say visual, this means either video or photography. If I am not shooting the photography, I am working closely with the photographers to see through the vision. Beyond that, in this facet, I work on commissioned outside projects and am hired to photograph outside personalities, to write photography books, and to teach at an accredited school in NYC. I LOVE IT! I do. I work so hard. And it all happens…so far from my other two facets. It’s like I am in a different world entirely from the other two...
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